Fundraiser for Operation Safe Drinking Water

We wanted to let you know about an exciting endeavor we are taking on as a family while we are here in Panama.

On June 29 we will be installing a rain catchment system through Operation Safe Drinking Water for an indigenous school in the Bocas del Toro island area.  Many children here do not have clean drinking water and as a result get very sick or die.  UNICEF reports that bad water is the # 1 killer of children in developing countries.

As I think about our children having the stomach flu for a few days this past year and the weight they lost and how terrible I felt as a mother as there wasn’t much I could do for them, I can cannot even imagine how the mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc. must feel watching their children get sick and sometimes die because they do not have safe drinking water – causing same but worse symptoms as the flu.

Right now we are living in the middle of a jungle.  It rains a lot however there is no clean water to drink for many villages only a short walk or boat ride from our home.  So what Operation Safe Drinking Water has done is to simply catch and share the same rainfall that creates the polluted puddles thirsty kids drink from.
Operation Safe Drinking Water installs rain catchment tanks for indigenous schools in remote parts of Central America and as I write this are installing their 100th tank today!

School principals report sickness rates plummet after they get safe water.

The tanks are simple, low-tech, last for years — and refill with safe, disease-free water every time it rains.

Operation Safe Drinking Water
is a 501 (c) (3) charity run by all unpaid volunteers.  No one receives a salary or compensation.  The volunteers live among the people they serve.  And they are donors themselves, because they see what happens to children without safe water.

Between today and June 1 we are going to begin to raise $975 – the total cost of an installation of one water catchment system, including the tank, other materials, wood base,  labor and transportation.

We hope to raise more then $975, all extra funds will go towards buying school supplies, etc. for the school and village children.

Our children will be helping to bring the tank into the village, hiking up to meet the children and even painting the tank with the village children in celebration.

If you feel inclined to donate simply click on the donate button below.   Even if you can just donate a dollar or two, it would make a huge difference and allow us to reach our goal.

Thank you for your support!

-The Lee Family


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