A Hike to “Up in the Hill” and “Mantis”

This past weekend we had a great trip to “Up in the Hill” on the island of Bastimentos. You can read all about Up In the Hill and how to get there here.  “Up in the Hill” is an organic farm shop selling coconut oils (scented for your body or cooking), balms, shampoos, soaps, etc. as well as crafts,  seasonal fruits and vegetables and of course chocolate!  They also have a selection of drinks to cool down with after your hike up the hill including homemade chocolate milk, noni juice (good for whatever ales you – I went up with an earache and tummy ache and came back feeling great after a tall noni juice with chocolate and honey), lemonade, etc.

They also serve up delicious brownies and truffles along with a few other menu items.

We also stopped in at Mantis – a famous restaurant about half way up the hill.  More details on Mantis coming soon!

Up in the Hill Cafe & Store


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