Red Frog Bound Again

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a year since we were last at Red Frog!  On Thursday we begin our journey back to Bocas del Toro (by way of Seattle, Houston and Panama City).  It will be two days of travel but we will be well rewarded upon our arrival.

The kids are excited to get back to the beach and pool and see all their friends at Tangerine School and some of our favorite staff at Red Frog and of course our trusty water taxi driver, Cholo.

Cholo our Water taxi driver in Bocas del Toro

Justin and I are looking forward to quality family time together again, just the four of us.  This year back in Vancouver has provided “the village” we so needed to help raise our children but also provide us the support we needed to be good parents and spouses to each other.  But the one thing we sometimes miss is the quiet and solitude of our time together as a family, alone on a quaint island without the commitments, “needs tos,” “has tos,” and constant schedule.

I’m really excited about my “adult summer internship” at Up In the Hill, the coconut farm, organic toiletries and treats shop.  If you read my post last year about our first trip up to “Up in the Hill” you’ll know that I loved this little spot.  I’m excited to learn more about the farm, “living off the grid,” composting, brewing kambucha and the use of essential oils, all natural healing and the bounty of what the jungle has to offer.

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