Buy This Villa

Looking to own in Red Frog Beach?  Then look no further, as we are making our villa shares available for sale.

Our villa is the beautiful one floor Tortuga which consists of 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths, and has 1479 square feet of living space indoors, and ANOTHER additional 1304 square feet or outdoor living area!

Our villa is located at Turtle Beach 1, lot 62. (CLICK ON TURTLE BEACH 1)

$50,000 worth of additional options and upgrades have been added to the interior and exterior of the house (Private pool with stairs, steps from villa balcony over stream to back patio, outdoor built-in bbq, extra ceiling fans, golf cart port, plus numerous others…).

Here’s some background on the project, and more information on pricing:

When the project was originally launched, villas were sold individually.

As the project evolved, factional ownership was introduced as a smart alternative to outright ownership, and that’s what we have converted our villa to.

To learn more about fractional ownership, you can read this helpful article.

Red Frog has structured their fractional ownership slightly differently, so we’ll explain in more detail here:

Each villa that has been structured as fractional ownership has been divided into 10 “shares”, with each share representing 10% of ownership (therefore 10 shares = 100% of the ownership).

We currently own 3 shares, and are interested in selling all 3.  Each share gets 5 weeks of villa usage per year.  After shares are purchased, the only additional charges to the owner of the share(s) is a monthly maintenance fee of approximately $200.

Our first share is the “holiday share”, which guarantees that the owners gets:

  • 2 weeks that ALWAYS overlap both Christmas and New Year’s  (we are guaranteed to ALWAYS get the check in the Saturday before Christmas and the Saturday AFTER New Year’s)
  • 3 other “floating” weeks

Our second share is a “regular” share (meaning it doesn’t cover any holidays).  This share guarantees the owner:

  • Weeks 1 & 2 of every year (so when combined with the “holiday” share above, the owner gets 4 consecutive weeks over Christmas, New Year’s and into January)
  • 3 other “floating” weeks

Our third share is the “President’s” share, which guarantees that the owners gets:

  • 2 weeks beginning the Saturday before President’s Day weekend in the USA
  • 3 other “floating” weeks

Here is the pricing for you to purchase each share:

Regular Share: $99,000
President’s Share: $119,000
Holiday Share: $149,000
Buy all 3: $350,000 ($20,000 discount!)

The best way for you to evaluate if buying in red frog is right for you is to arrange for a visit and come down and rent our villa and make sure that you like.  (We’re going to guess that you fall in love with it!)

Nightly rentals are approximately $325/night during low season (May 1st to December 14th) and then jump up to $449/night during peak season, with prices topping out at a high of approximately $550/night during Christmas and New Year’s (which is why you’ll want to secure the holiday share above).

The property management company in place takes 40% of the rental income as a management fee, but handles all of the check in and check making it a truly hands off investment for you.

You are also paid a 10% referral fee on all leads that you generate, and there is no better website optimized for the search engines than this one!  If you purchase all 3 shares from us we’ll gladly include this website in the price.

If you’re interested in renting or buying this villa  please contact us directly at +1-604-714-0494 or e-mail for more details or questions.