Hiking in Panama


Hiking is one of the greenest, healthiest and most independent ways to get closer to nature in Bocas del Toro. In fact, with few roads and several beaches inaccessible by other means, many of the region’s best attractions require a bit of a trek in order to get there.

While native guides are recommended for jungle hikes on the mainland, many of the islands can be walked across without a guide. Spectacular rain forest trails lead to empty beaches with pounding surf, past ancient banana plantations, cacao groves and caves filled with bats. Local guides can help you spot well-camouflaged wildlife such as iguanas and sloths, and will share the secrets of the forest.

Many of the hiking trails are pretty remote, with no facilities. Hikers should take plenty of drinking water and food, as well as protective clothing and sun screen. Muddier jungle trails may require rubber boots, and you should aim to be back in town or at your hotel before dark. There are many different ways to go about hiking in Panama.