Panama Tours


  • Zapatilla Island – Snorkel and Beach Tour: On a sunny day this Bocas del Toro isla location is as beautiful as anywhere on earth.
  • Starfish Beach – Boca del Drago-Bird Island – Snorkel and Beach Tour with Nature visit: You can see plenty of large starfish here. Bird Island is an incredible place as this rocky island is home to thousands of different birds.
  • Bastimentos Hike: Salt Creek – Old Point – Long Beach: Nature Hike and Beach Tour – This tour will let you explore through the island of Bastimentos.
  • Isla Bocas del Toro Fishing Tour: Panama means an “abundance of fish.” Go on a fishing tour inshore or offshore with a guide, bait, lunch, and drinks.
  • Surf Panama Bocas del Toro Tour: Water taxis can take to the many different spots around Bocas del Toro.
  • Scuba Diving: Isla Bocas del Toro is a unique location to get PADI certified. The waters in the archipelago are calm and warm with no strong currents, perfect circumstances for beginners. Divers of all skill levels will enjoy the numerous species of fish and coral. There are more than 15 great spots to dive in Isla Bocas del Toro. Scuba lessons are available in Bocas Town.
  • Bastimentos Cave Tour: Highly recommended by many travelers, this tour is a great way to explore some of the most uninhabited parts of Bastimentos. You will pass through a river in a cayuko (a native dugout canoe) and paddle into an amazing inland island river. Along the way visitors may be able to see the Three-Toed Sloth and even the white-faced and spider monkeys. These island caves have open caverns where you will be able to spot different species of bats and cave-dwelling animals.

There are also a number of Panama Tour packages.