Red Frog Beach

Red Frog Beach in Panama is located on the island of Bastimentos. This beach is the most popular beach in the Bocas Del Toro islands. This is because of its perfect location as well as its scenery. The rainforest along the coast of the Caribbean makes this particular beach unique in its own way. While visiting the island, spotting exotic wildlife such as a monkey, three toed sloth, or a small red frog isn’t out of the ordinary. At the east end of the beach there is a boardwalk where you can walk out to a pier where you will find yourself gazing out a breathtaking view. This view is commonly known as “The Point” and makes this Panama Beach much different than that of a typical beach.

Anywhere from 100 to 300 people visit this beach every day, and there are many different activities and other things that can be enjoyed by anybody from an entire family to a retirement couple. Some of these activities that involve the actual water at the beach include surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. When it comes to surfing at Bocas Del Toro you can find different types of waves, some more powerful than others. Snorkeling is a great activity for the family to enjoy since there are many different areas to explore as well as being able to see the exotic aquatic life under the clear waters. Scuba diving here is like no other beach. You get to experience swimming along the amazing coral reef, or even with a school of tropical fish. Other activities include village tours, rainforest hikes, and deep sea fishing.

One of the most popular things to do at Red Frog Beach is Ziplining. There also is a Tarzan Swing and Traversable canopy net. This Bastimentos Sky Ziplines Canopy Tour is the only zipline in Bocas Del Toro. You will be soaring through the rainforest canopy with speeds up to 42mph that will make this one of your most memorable parts of being in Bocas Del Toro.

If you’re looking for a nice relaxing day, you can get away from it all with a beautiful relaxing day at the Island Spa. The spa is located at the top of the hill at the Red Frog Beach Resort which provides an incredible view of the Caribbean. You can get a number of different therapies depending on your mood, and these include: relaxation, deep tissue massage, spa facials, nail care, and other esthetics. You can choose whether you want to be in a private indoor treatment suite, a poolside cabana, an open air bohio overlooking the ocean, or even in the privacy of your villa.

If you’re up for a different experience which includes witnessing wildlife and a fascinating eco-system, you can participate in the Cave Tour Adventure. You may also want to do the Sunset Cruise.

Most people who visit Red Frog Beach are staying in Bocas Del Toro, however, some people are lucky enough to stay on the island of Bastimentos. These people are staying at the Red Frog Beach Resort.

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